I have suffered from HPV for the last 5+ years, thanks to Dr. Kling I’ve been able to completely manage by symptoms. During a recent genital warts outbreak, his care and treatment was the only thing that got me through it!

Lisa J.

Genital warts are a nightmare to deal with. During an especially bad flare-up, I experienced constant pain, redness, itchiness ash the site of the warts. Dr. Kling recommended a few treatment options. This was over 6 years ago, and I have still been under Dr. Kling’s care since!

Annabelle S.

I hate genital warts. They are nasty to look at it, and they make me extremely self conscious with my partner….Thanks to Dr. Kling I am able to keep them at bay most of the year (besides the occasional break-out). If you have HPV, you MUST contact Dr. Kling, he’s the best in NYC.

Rita A.

For years I had no idea men could get genital warts, so when I was referred to Dr. king because of HPV, I was really in shock. Kling was great, walked me through the process, explain a ton of important information, and helps me manage my symptoms.

Damon W.

Dr. Kling is the best dermatologist I’ve ever been to. Currently I suffer from genital warts/HPV, and I’m really not sure what to expect. Dr. Kling “held my hand” through the whole thing, as scared as I was about cervical cancer, I got screened and am currently receiving treatment for my genital warts. Dr. Kling truly is the best derm in Nyc.

Yanis F.

Genital warts is not a pleasant experience. After my consult with Dr. Kling he immediately put me on a course of treatment. I feel way better having someone like him on my side! Highly Recommended!!!

Kizzy M.