Spot Removal
Brown Spots and Hyperpigmentation
Pigmentation is color in your skin produced by melanin, a natural pigment that also determines eye and hair color. However, if too much melanin is produced in one area, the result is a brown patch on your skin (brown spot or hyper-pigmentation.)

What is spot removal?
Spot removal is a procedure we perform using laser technology to remove brown or dark spots in the skin. Skin filled with dark discolorations is often impossible to fix at home, and general dermatology efforts are often ineffective and require multiple treatments; patients deal with a number of unwanted side effects. Using our laser tech, we are able to treat dark or brown spots, in only a few sessions!

How we treat hyperpigmentation?
Hyperpigmentation is generally the presence of many dark discolorations and brown spots. Spot removal is the process by which we alleviate brown spots and dark discolorations along the skin’s outer dermal layer.
Our laser technology is able to:

  • Lift unwanted, surface pigmentation, naturally exfoliating the skin!
  • Cut off the pigment-cell-activity, using melanin suppressing laser technology and topical medications. This disallows new hyperpigmentation from occurring, essentially “turning off” pigment activity!
  • Analyze the skin and protect it from the likely causes of overproduction of melanin. Making new hyperpigmentation difficult to occur again!

Other courses of treatment we use, in addition to laser spot removal, are:

  • Micro Needling – Treating discolorations with the use of a micro-pen.
  • Chemical Peels – Applications of chemicals to the face, in order to clear the outer layer of the dermis and revitalize the skin.
  • Microdermabrasion

Spot removal is safe and effective! For more information on how we use laser technology to resurface and rejuvenate the skin; alleviating you of embarrassing spots and discolorations, check out the Aesthetic Laser Treatments section!
And make sure to call to schedule your next consult and find out which course of treatment may be right for you!