CoolGlide for Hair Removal
Women all over are looking for better, more efficient means of hair removal. From daily shaving, to painful waxing, to costly electrolysis hair removal of the past sorely needs an upgrade! Introducing the CoolGlide hair removal system, a modern means of hair removal using non-invasive laser technology.

How does CoolGlide work for laser hair removal?
The CoolGlide lasers are for more advanced than most traditional lasers used for laser hair removal. The laser destroys hair follicles from the root, each treatment making it harder and harder for hairs to grow. Eliminating the hair long term, the CoolGlide system is a permanent form of hair removal.

The CoolGlide system uses a non-invasive laser; unlike most lasers, the CoolGlide system works on all types of skin, no matter the shade or part of the body. Can be used on the face, limbs, armpits, chest/nipple area, and even along your bikini line.

The CoolGlide system is placed along the skin, effectively delivering a light beam penetrating the skin, deep into the roots of hair follicles. Damaging the growth center and preventing the hair from coming back.

Why choose CoolGlide?
The CoolGlide hair removal system is not only a faster, more efficient, permanent hair removal method; it is also pain-free! One of the biggest complaints from patients who generally wax, and shave is the pain and discomfort associated with these methods.
The name says it all! CoolGlide delivers a cool, pleasant feeling as it glides along your skin effortlessly and uses a laser light beam to eliminate hair follicles rather than pulling or shaving the hair. While electrolysis uses a needle, painfully inserted into each hair follicle, and must be repeated regularly for years. CoolGlide eliminates these tedious procedures and does, in minutes, what it would take years to accomplish with electrolysis or waxing.

Side Effects or Downtime?
Side effects are generally dependent on your skin type. Slight reddening or swelling may occur in some, but is unlikely, and disappear within a few hours. Patients can resume normal activities within minutes of their procedure, there is 0 downtime.
How many treatments will I need?
For the best results, long-term it is recommended that you repeat the treatment a few times. Dr. Kling will determine the course of treatment as the number of treatments is dependent on hair growth cycle, hair thickness, age, ethnicity, hormones, diet, medication, metabolism and what part of the body you wish to be treated.
Any questions you have regarding you hair removal with CoolGlide will be answered by Dr. Kling during your consult. Get rid of those unwanted hairs for good with CoolGlide!